Do you want to get more investor finance or do more deals with agents? Perhaps you are a deal sourcer and need to sell a property deal? For all of these reasons, we want to tell you exactly why you need to be online and how a website can help!

A Fact that says "70-80% of people research a small business online BEFORE contacting or making a purchase"

This stat says it all! If you think about it when was the last time you were looking to work with someone or get involved in a service and you didn’t look at their website? 

Even with the fast-evolving invasion of social media, as a property investor, we definitely still need a website! Yes, you need to maintain your social media platforms and show your journey to prospective investors or agents, but your website provides that credibility seal of approval and is a leveraged tool that does all the talking while you are not there.

Top Reasons Why your Property Business Needs a Website

1. To create a presence

First reason why your business needs a website is to create a presence online. We all know that the internet is very powerful for one can easily transform from being a nobody to a somebody like instant rags to riches.

Like I said, your website is a leverage tool and by simply having a website can increase your business’ marketability.

2. To gain credibility

For property investors, having credibility and looking credible plays a major role in building trust, and for the line of work we do, this is crucial as our clients won’t do business with us unless they trust us. A website is a fantastic tool for gaining credibility.

Personally, we’d rather buy from an individual or a company who have their website up so that we can do our research. I’m sure you’re the same.

A computer with a website layout on the screen

3. To save a lot of time

This is one of the most important reasons for having a website. By having a website, you don’t need to repeat yourself as it is a well-leveraged tool, it does all the talking for you while you are not there! Also, you can get the content perfect so that you can tell them what you need in the exact way you want to say it. This will really help to get the investor, agent or client onboard! 

You can just redirect your audience to a particular web page and they can read all the answers.

4. Social Proofs

Another big reason why you need a website for your business is because it is a great way to influence your investors, agents and landlords. Simply reading good comments, good reviews, and good testimonials from other people’s previous transactions with you, it greatly influences the decision of those people who are reading the positive feedback.

Tip: To have good feedback on your site, your testimonials need to be genuine as it is easy to tell fake ones! Make these standout and it will go a long way!

Computer on desk says "Every business needs a website" on screen

5. Improve Customer Service

Having a website up for your business can greatly improve your customer services. Here’s a list of how it can help your customer service:

  • FAQ Page that can answer common questions
  • Email – Your customers can send inquiries from your “Contact Us” page whenever they want. It will be queued to your inbox until you see it. You can also use auto email auto responders whenever you got an email inquiry. You send them automated email how much they should wait until you can reply whenever you’re not with your internet connection. This can give your customer a sense of responsiveness from you.
  • You can send newsletters to your clients regarding special offers or inform them regarding changes on your business, and etc.
  • You can post documentations on your website.
  • You can provide online quotes and estimates.

7. Increased Accessibility

With your website 24/7 online, your business is also up 24/7. Your clients can send their inquiries, quotation request any time of the day. Also, with the power of search engine optimization or SEO, you can increase your presence to those people who are actually searching for you and the services you offer.


That’s it! If these reasons are still not enough to push you to setup your website then comment down below your questions so that I can answer and hopefully satisfy you soon.

If you need help to create a website for your property website then book a call with us today!

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