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We have watched, listened and discovered what YOU need to market your property business successfully.

We specialise in all things property are proud to provide industry leading branding and marketing expertise for your property business.

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Logo’s are important, they are the face of your business.

Here at ProperT, we are brand strategists and property experts, which gives us the advantage to look far deeper than just the name of your business. We are unique because we understand property, your property strategy and most importantly, your customer.


Investor packs are needed when seeking finance!

The most effective way to grow is by attracting Joint Venture partners or investors. An investor wants to feel trust when they are parting with their cash, so this is your chance to present your portfolio to demonstrate your credibility and professionalism.

A brochure is an incredibly powerful marketing asset.

We have a fantastic track record on our brochures where every client has dramatically grown their business with one of these on their side. We have created a ‘Proper 10-pillar template’ to structure the format in the most effective way.


Our deal promotion is a deal sourcer’s best friend.

As a deal sourcer, you are constantly looking at deals and presenting them to prospective buyers. These need to be well designed to show off the deal in the best possible way. Yes, numbers will be what is used to persuade an investor to purchase the deal, but the deal promotion page grabs their attention.

Every property business
needs a website.

Websites show the whole world what you do, without you having to be there. It’s a well leveraged tool, and we know exactly how to create the perfect website for all property strategies. Your website builds strong credibility when done right and becomes a powerful way to connect to your prospective customer.


If you’re not on social media, then you’ll be left behind.

We are seeing incredible success from so many property businesses through the various social platforms. Like all marketing material, you need to be consistent with your message and put out good quality content to engage with your audience. We can help you start, grow and manage your social media platforms so you can use this as an effective marketing tool to gain investment and business.

Grab attention with
proper presentations

Telling a story to make a point during a presentation is much more memorable and persuasive than bare facts. Visualise your story to be even more effective in getting your point across and maintain interest with your audience. If you are pitching investors, talking at property networking events or looking to secure a development site, we can help you!


Flyers grab attention and can target direct to vendor.

Inserts and door drops have to work harder than other pieces of gorilla marketing in order to gain attention, but when done right they work extremely well. They have a very short window to catch the attention of the recipient and therefore, their design has to be bold and strong.

Your business card often creates a very strong first impression.

As a property investor, networking is where you will invest a lot of time; meeting people and telling them what you do. A high quality business card is key.

A letter head shows the professional business that you are.

A personal letter head, incorporating your logo, styling and colour theme will help to stand out on the readers pile of papers.


Printing can be complex. Let us simplify it for you.

If you are running out of physical copies on any of your marketing material, simply email us and specify the quantity that you need. We will send back a quote from our amazing print partner, and we take care of the rest. You’ll receive a parcel containing the new prints and you can get right back out there. Simple!