Rise Above The Rest as A Property Professional

Stand out from the crowd

There are tonnes and tonnes of property investors all doing very similar things… The question is, why would someone want to work with you??

It can be fierce in the property world and standing out against your competition is a long, hard slog! The good news is you can change that and raise your profile as a property professional and have investors keen to work with you.

Raising your profile as a property professional is more than just your reputation. It is the representation of your skills, strengths and expertise, as well as your attitude and behaviour. It is your brand! 

If you are thinking, I am only building up a buy to let (BTL) portfolio, why do I need to build up my profile? It will help you:

  • Attract Investors
  • Speed up your property journey (especially if you are just starting out)
  • Get better deals from sales and letting agents
  • Go direct to Vendor
  • Sell a course if you have value to provide others

How to Raise your profile?


Don’t just follow the herd. This is important to make sure you bring in your own personality and don’t copy other people. What works for them, might not work for you (and vice versa).


Provide valuable content, comments and opinions! You can start on looking through social media for posts that are asking for help and then provide a helpful comment. You can do the same on forums and also in live networking events.


Share your voice! It is far more effective to record a video of you talking about property than just posting. People will resonate a lot more with a recording of you speaking directly to them.


Be known  as the leader in your business. A great way to raise your profile within your own business is to show you run the business and build your own personal brand as an addition to your business brand.


Be known for doing things properly! This is crucial at all times. As property professionals, we provide a professional service, so you need to show you do things properly.


Be visible on social media platforms + add value. Don’t just post for the sake of it! This is a controversial angle on the subject, but having higher quality content which is well thought of and adds value to people will have far more engagement than just any old content.


Attend all events you can and mix it up! Try going to other types of networking events, such as business events, Q&A sessions and various different property networking events. If you go to business events, then you will be seen as the property expert in the room (even if you are just starting out).

Final Words

If you’re still not quite sure of how to stand out from the crowd, get in touch with us! We have worked with, fast approaching, 100 property professionals to build a proper business that positions them way above their competition, gain more leads and achieved dramatically increased results. Check out our work to see what we’ve done for our clients.

We hope all of these will help you to build your credibility and raise your profile in the property world.