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It is common to find estate agents want to see three years of company accounts and a large portfolio before they entertain a conversation with a R2R provider. We have overcome this issue with Live-in and helped them grow to 10+ properties within 12 months of working with us.




Live-In had originally sourced a logo from Fiverr which promoted the business very poorly and they had no marketing strategy to grow. The business was operating for 18 months and only secured 1 single property in that time.


Proper re-designed the whole business’ brand identity to be more inline with their business model. We focused on representing them as a professional company which oozed credibility and built marketing assets that did the talking for them. The message from agents quickly changed and they never looked back.


30,000% ROI

We have calculated the return on investment that we have brought Live-In which is an incredible 30,000% and this figure will only grow!


“Oliver and the team have been indispensable in the growth and development of Live-IN. We can not thank you enough for your impressive work but also guidance and knowledge in how to market my business. We owe our success to Proper and can not recommend more highly.”

Founder of Live-In