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Our Story

Proper was started back in 2018 because we discovered the key to growing a successful property business is through branding and marketing.

Re-wind the story a little before 2018 when Oliver, the founder of Proper, was regularly networking in the property scene and realised that the majority of property investors had no idea how they were being perceived in the marketplace.

Our Approach

We invest a lot of time finding out about you and your business so we can discover how you operate and then come up with a marketing strategy which will enable you to grow your business.

At Proper, we are top class at design, but our real secret weapon is our property experience, so we always like to make it personal and focus on you.

It’s all about you. We invest time in you to find out how our services will get you where you need to go.

We take great care and attention in planning as it sets the stage for the rest of the project and creates a clear design brief.

The ideation and concept stage is where another one of our strengths come into action, it allows us to be creative!

We care about our work and want to make sure it exceeds expectations, therefore we promote tweaks to ensure what we deliver for you is perfect.

Everything we produce for you is your property, so we deliver full output files, including print ready files. If you want us to print for you, we can do this too.

We support you before, during and after the project. Once we have delivered the assets to you, we help you use them effectively.

Core Offer

There is a huge amount of value Proper can provide your property business, and we have a lot to offer! But if you strip it all back and look at our core, this is why we are so effective at growing property businesses.