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Most property investors are looking to connect with the right people to fund their next purchase or project. Maybe you’re out every week at networking events with a wad of DIY designed business cards in your pocket or maybe you’ve already taken things to the next level and built a digital presence.

As a specialist branding and marketing consultancy, we’re dedicated to creating stunning visual branding for those in the property sector who wish to stand out from the crowd and attract more attention, investment and growth.

So, if it’s time to get serious with your property investment business, it’s time to call Property Branding.


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Every aspect of your visual image tells something about you. Will you be one of so many with nothing more than a big dream to offer or will you stand out as clearly professional, experienced and worthy of trust? Your visual image speaks volumes through every touchpoint, from your social headers and email footers to your website and investor pack.

Starting out in the world of property investment can be daunting; how can you know whether your limited budget is going to see a return? The answer is to work with partners experienced in this world to help you define the foundation of your visual brand – your new logo – the design element that everything else you do as a business radiates from.
If you’re looking to take your property investment business to the next level, to attract more of the right people with the funds you need to expand your portfolio, then we can help you to create a proper visual brand to match your aspirations and earn the trust of your future partners. Logo design, taglines, email footer, business card design, letterhead, comp slip and social media banners, to name a few.
You’re already a successful investor, but you could be so much more. Our team are here to help you determine the best ways to elevate your brand, through every visual connection you have with your target audience, whether JV partners, fellow investors, suppliers, estate agents, developers or potential business partners. The better you look, the more success you will draw to your business.


While branding is leaning toward the ‘passive’ side of promotion, marketing is the ‘active’ side, the impression you are sending out into the market or directly into a prospect’s hands. At Property Branding we can design all aspects of your marketing to help you reach out and grab the attention, interest and trust of all those who you need to make your business a success.

Leaflets, letters, flyers and brochures. If you want to source off-market properties by speaking directly with their owners, we can design the marketing assets to help you get one step closer to securing your next BMV deal.
A brochure can be a powerful conversion tool. So, if you are being knocked back by landlords, investors, estate agents or others it may be because your first impression needs strengthening with a professionally designed brochure.
You can only scale up your property portfolio by using other people’s money. The key to this is a well-considered, professionally designed, FCA compliant investor pack which will work to attract interest from investors and keep them committed to your vision between onboarding them and securing the funds you need for your next project.
We live in a highly visual world so the quality of the photography and videography you use to promote yourself, your properties and the services you offer can deliver impressive results. Our high-resolution visual marketing assets can be used as social media content, as well as in your brochures and on your website.
You’re putting together a deal, you’re excited to have reached this point, but all your progress could be for nothing if your deal promo isn’t up to scratch.
There will be times when you’ll want to make sure that a valuer fully appreciates the true worth of the property you’ve been working on. Our valuation packs show every aspect of the transformation in crystal clarity, designed to impress.


Your online persona is vital to your professional success as it conveys an impression to all those you wish to connect with. If that impression is lacking you’ll be judged before you even meet, if it’s impressive then more doors will open for you, something we’ve seen time and again for our clients.

Your website is a vital marketing tool. It must be designed to attract, optimised to convert and built to perform. With well over a decade in design and years of investment experience, we know what works – stunning websites that work harder for our clients.
From audience research to content design, cross-platform scheduled posting and full-service account management, our social media service looks to help you grow your digital audience and convert it into a lucrative lead generation system.

A landing page, strategically structured and designed to convert will generate many more leads than a poorly created one. From wireframes and infographics to full development and AB testing, we’ll always look to maximise your investment in this important section of your sales funnel.

Your social media campaigns and landing pages will often require a hook, something you offer to entice a visitor to share their contact details with you. This may be an eBook, guide or other lead magnet, all of which we regularly create for our clients to enhance their marketing efforts.

the investor stream

Showing property entrepreneurs how to attract, raise and secure investor finance in just 90 days.

We offer a programme of training, mentoring and roundtable peer support to share our experience, time and frameworks for raising investor finance. We can help everyone from property investor newbies to established business owners to build more profitable connections, portfolios and businesses.

To discover a step-by-step process for attracting investors to partner in your property plans, contact us today and ask to find out more about The Investor Stream Programme.


I have now gained confidence when speaking with investors and agents, resulting in positive outcomes and investor finance which I have been able to successfully  use on my latest property projects

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