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Our Story

Proper was started back in 2018 because we discovered the key to growing a successful property business is through branding and marketing.

Re-wind the story a little before 2018 when Oliver, the founder of Proper, was regularly networking in the property scene and realised that the majority of property investors had no idea how they were being perceived in the marketplace. His pocket was filled with a bunch of cheap looking vista print cards with shocking Fiverr or template type logos on the back. These lovely people Oliver had just met were networking to meet investors to grow their professional property business…

When Oliver handed his Hyde Property Group card over, the common impression was ‘Wow, impressive business, how many units do you have’. The realisation came when Oliver started helping out a few fellow property investors friends with a new brand and professional appearance and before long, their businesses all took off.

Fast forward 2 years and Proper has grown to be the leading Branding and Marketing agency for Property Investors, Developers and professionals in the property sector.

We offer everything a property professional needs to start and scale their business, all under one roof.

Over the years we have worked in all property strategies, from Portfolio Building, Rent 2 Rent, Deal Sourcing and even Property training courses. You see, what makes us so effective is our education and experience in property, so we truly understand all the challenges you face and how to overcome them.

You could go to a ‘cheaper’ designer or generic marketing agency, but we guarantee they will not understand your business and will end up costing you a LOT more money. We know what we are doing and will generate you a lot of success because our results speak for themselves.