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Branding + Marketing

for property professionals


About Us

ProperT Branding + Marketing is the ‘go to’ place for property professionals, offering everything you need to brand, market and promote your business. We help you attract more of what you are focusing on, whether that is property deals or investor finance. We strive to make our services the best return on investment you’ll ever experience.

We are designers but also property investors, and therefore understand your business and property strategy; tailoring everything to your target audience. This is what makes us special.

Branding Strategy

Physical Marketing Assets

Digital Marketing

We think it’s important to build strong foundations, therefore we design your branding from the ground up. It’s crucial to design your branding inline with your message and company ethos. We do just this and we do it well!

Nothing beats direct marketing. Our clients have an incredible success ratio on all our marketing assets. Having a brochure or flyer by your side is a powerful tool when speaking to estate agents, vendors, investors… everyone.

Your website is a well leveraged platform, marketing your business while you are not there. This makes it even more important that your website is well designed and promotes the right message about your business.

Core Offer

There is a huge amount of value that ProperT can provide your property business, and we have a lot to offer. But if you strip it all back and look at our core, we offer a wealth of knowledge in property, award winning design skills and1st class personable service.


In-depth property knowledge and experience

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Top class design skills


Complete tailor made and personable service

Our Happy Clients

How We Work

We invest a lot of time finding out about you and your business so we can discover how you operate, who your target audience is and what property strategy you employ. We take great care and attention in planning our work as this allows us to create a clear brief and develop strong branding guidelines and marketing material for your business.

The ideation and concept stage is where one of our key strengths comes in to play; it allows us to be creative and come up with ideas. This in turn benefits our clients because we focus on differentiating you from your competition and positioning yourself as a key player in your niche.

Our Services

ProperT understands what you need to brand and market your business in the most successful way to sell more property deals, secure more investors or generate more R2R deals. Find out more about how each service can grow your business below.

Logo Design



Business Card

Letter Head

Investor Pack

Deal Promo


Social Media
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Case Study

Rent-to-Rent (R2R) is a very saturated strategy, with many operators. A lot of estate agents won’t even think to work with company lets and shut their doors on them as they have been burnt in the past. MiRentCo was experiencing exactly this, until they came to Proper for help. MiRentCo really benefitted from our work as we were able to present them in a professional, established and credible business that pride themselves on their quality of service and offering.

Some of the ways we helped them is by creating:

  • Estate agent focused brochure
  • Investor packs
  • Deal promotions
  • Website

As a result, estate agents now send MiRentCo many deals and want to work with them. The business has taken on multiple new properties, dramatically increasing their revenue.

“We’ve had multiple brochures and investor packs designed for us, and we’ve been impressed every time. We’ve been able to scale up our business as a result because we stand out from the crowd and look like a very professional and reputable company let business.”
Matt, MiRentCo (R2R)