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City Relay

Being London’s most trusted Airbnb management company, City Relay are 100% London focussed and don’t just promote properties on Airbnb. Homes are listed across over 30 platforms to ensure they get the maximum number of bookings and market themselves way above the rest of the competition. We have become City Relay’s helping hand to maintain their impressive marketing operation.



Working with an agency who understands property

City Relay were referred to us by another happy client as they were struggling with relying on other agencies to produce all of their marketing needs. City Relay found it a long process briefing other agencies to carry out work as they didn’t know much about property.

When we started working with City Relay, they could trust that we can take a brief and hit the ground running every time as we understood their business and the purpose of each marketing asset.


ProperT are now City Relay’s dedicated agency

When ever City Relay have design work or marketing needs, we are on hand to help them out! It works well as they can rely on us and trust that we can take on what ever they throw at us! Some of the marketing projects include:

  • Brochure design
  • Visuals and content creation
  • Stand design
  • Business cards

This is an early relationship, so we are looking forward to working with City Relay on many more projects! There’s a lot in the pipeline!


“Oliver and his team have been such a support to City Relay. They have shown the ability to take a new brief, interpreting the brand and all the design elements quickly. We’ve been extremely happy with their creative work – not only that it meets the brief, but also that Oliver is flexible to enable us to meet our tight project deadlines!”

Laura, Head of Marketing
City Relay