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Learn how to create a brand for your property business

We aim to provide you with tips, tricks and advice to help you brand your property business. Branding is becoming more and more important for businesses, especially in property where there are so many people operating in the same market or property strategy. We can help position you above your competition.


Download your FREE Property Branding Bible

We love helping property professionals transform their business and over time have discovered 9 key areas of a brand identity and what a property business needs to focus on.

Simply click the button below and your free guide will be emailed to you, enjoy!

We are sure you will gain a lot of valuable insight and learn such things as:

  • How to connect to investors, agents and landlords more effectively
  • Why you really need to care about your brand
  • How you can increase revenue by focusing on certain important factors of your brand message.

If you would ever like to know even more detail, make sure you book in a call for a free brand consultation!


Who are ProperT Branding?

ProperT Branding is like no other agency, we are both expert designers and most importantly experienced property investors. This is what makes us special and has allowed us to quickly establish ourselves as the ‘go to’ marketing agency for property professionals.

We know what you need and offer valuable services to help you brand, market and scale your property business successfully.

Book a FREE branding consultation with Oliver

“Oliver’s knowledge in both branding and property investment really shows, and his attention to detail ensures that you are getting personalised and professional products. We have enjoyed tremendous success as a result of the marketing we have received.”


Why YOU should book in a call

We have worked with each and every property strategy and can help provide you with the key areas you need to focus on. We can help you:

  • Seek investor finance
  • Attract off market properties
  • Sell more deals
  • Present your business correctly
  • Boost your personal and business brand

Book in a FREE 30 minute consultation with Oliver, the founder of ProperT Branding. On the call, we will discuss the main factors that establish the best marketing strategies for your property business and how you can get started right away.

How you can benefit

We love branding and marketing and are experts in what we do. Luckily, this is where you can leverage our knowledge and experience so you can continue building your portfolio!

We don’t just create you a logo or build you a basic website, we look way beyond that and strive on being an incredibly valuable resource to your property business. We want to be in your power team!

It doesn’t matter if you’re setting the business up from scratch or have been running for a while, we are confident we can provide you with huge value.