Avoid these common website mistakes

A great website is significant to your property business. Living in a digital world, having a website is a key entry point into any business. Websites are one of the most effective marketing tools that will help build your credibility and brand message. 

So if you’re a property professional and planning to build a website for your business, avoid these common mistakes.

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Having a vague plan will ruin your website and will cost you time and money.  Like any kind of business, planning is always crucial and plays an important role in achieving business goals. 

If you’ve been struggling with planning, you might consider professional help. It will be convenient on your part and will save you a lot of time and effort.


Trying to be overly smart and use insider language or abbreviations like R2RSA or ROCE is just going to confuse people. Don’t do it! 

At first simplify the copy used on the website and if needs be, you can shorten the words down once they are familiar with the terms. 

The viewer needs to know 3 common things within seconds of landing on your page: 

  • What you do 
  • How you can help the viewer 
  • What are the next step
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If you think that having a broad target audience will make your property website more effective, you’re probably wrong. Failing to narrow down your target audience will make your website end up unclear.

Conclusion: Target a specific group who will benefit from your property strategy. It will be more efficient to specialise and focus on property strategy.


Humans love a story, the best way to do this is structuring your website in specific sections that is going to entice an investor, agent or landlord into your story. 

The truth of the matter is, people only care about themselves, so avoid the common pitfalls about telling them how you business started and position the story about what problems they are facing and how your service will solve that problem.

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The complexity of your domain name will negatively affect your online presence. Worst, it will confuse your audience and might be hard for them to find your website. 

Here’s a tip: Have a domain name that is under 14 characters, make it easy to read and easy to spell.


If you want to build up potential clients or investors, you need to install regular call to actions on your website. Make sure that your call to actions (CTA) is not just evident in one place. 

Keep all CTA buttons exactly the same so they become familiar with it and they know each button will have the same functionality.


There you have it! Make sure to avoid these common mistakes if you plan to build a successful  website for your property business.

If you’re still struggling and need help with your website, get in touch with us! We build a wide variety of property specific websites that leave a powerful impression, grab attention and entice viewers to get in touch. Check out our work to see examples of what we’ve made for our clients.

If you need help to build the perfect website for your property business, then book in a call with us today!